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Seriously. The only “asian” characteristic of these white hafus, is their brown eyes. Hence why they are in Vivi magazine.

I’m really really REALLY, sick and tired of seeing white hafus (all JP moms and yt dads) in Japanese magazines, and all over JP media.

We already live in a society where people have this idea that all mixed asians are somehow automatically gorgeous when it’s just the ones you see on TV and in magazines that are that way, (there are plenty of ugly mixed-asians…they just don’t make it on TV). 

I’m sick and tired of hearing monoracial asians who have less privilege than mixed whites/asians, claiming how “they wish they were mixed”..”all mixed asians are so beautiful”, when the media has programmed them to believing WHITE MIXED ASIANS ARE ATTRACTIVE, not Black-mixed asians, not Latin@ mixed asians, not Native mixed asians…WHITE MIXED ASIANS.

This is a product of white  supremacyEuropean standard of beauty…not very different from thinking blondes with blue eyes are the most beautiful people on the world.

There are half black/half Japanese people in Japan too, not everyone is part white (I really want to make a rant post on what the half-white population symbolizes in terms of racial hierarchies* but I’ll do that another day)



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    Oh my god. They cannot help it that they look half-white. Yasss, burn them at the stake. How DARE they look white.
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