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I'm not going to say cultural appropriation isn't a problem, but I think you're taking it too far. Cultures have been diffusing and expanding forever, and when you take a particular trait back, it's probably "appropriation". Let's use you and Japan as an example. Practice any religion other than traditional Shinto? APPROPRIATION! Buddhism and Hinduism originated in India. And let's not forget how Japan sent thousands of people to China to "appropriate" their culture in the Tang dynasty.
thisisnotjapan thisisnotjapan Said:

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    This is really funny. In fact it is even better than being called the black girl from Shanghai. Appropriation 不要讲废话好不好?
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  5. isanah said: anon you need to reread Chinese and Japanese history.
  6. maakomori said: looooool not like there’s a DISTINCT difference in the power dynamics between appropriation and cultural sharing/the spread of certain facets of culture
  7. eroticisms said: White people need to cease and desist.