I am not in racebending poc characters, but black women are usually victims of marginalization, racism, and stereotypes in media, i am not going to set here and tell a black woman not to make a popular heroine into a black woman. Especially since there’s alot of anti blackness in asian media. Amber Riley would make an amazing sailormoon.

So? There’s anti-Asianness in the Black community! It is disrespectful as hell to racebend a character that is already a PoC. For starters, it implies that Asians are on the same level as white people and aren’t marginalized. Especially when Asians are seen less in the media than Black people, aside from in anime: which Japanese people created themselves. Don’t we get mad when we see Asians misappropriate rap and hip hop and take the Blackness out of it to appease themselves? How is that any different than taking an Asian character and taking the “Asianness” out of them to appease ourselves? Just because there is anti-Blackness in the Asian community doesn’t give us the right to take from them what isn’t ours to take. Especially when anime characters are already read as white and kinda taken from Asians already. The one representation where they’re the default and you want to say its okay to take it because of anti-Blackness in their immunity? Something we have in our OWN community?

Black people are not fucking gods who get to decide how other PoC can be represented in the media. The same way we would be pissed if, for example, they cast an Asian person as the Black Panther or a Latina as Rosa Parks in a movie about her, Asians have every right to be mad when we take away one of their representations. And we need to respect the few representations Asians have by not erasing their race and heritage. Something we would rage about if Asians did it to us.

A simple solution to this problem is really just making an your own sailor. Do not racebend Usagi and instead make your own counterpart because it is disrespectful to do that to other POC and I have never thought about that point before

Solidarity should always come first because at the end of the day, we as POC can only have each other with some shit. 

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