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This is what happens when women get bored. We dress up.

oh really is that what women do? This isn’t the 50’s anymore. You should know that women are more than dolls.

I can’t tell what’s more offensive, your yellowface or your sexist remark


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    I bet they call you a racist for posting that analysis.
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    ^^^^ THIS. that is all.
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    Wow, this is very entertaining. I stumbled upon this post last night. I find it interesting how a very innocent and...
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    Oh you’re still here? Costume are harmful. Including ones that children dress u in. Intent does not matter. You are...
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    this girl thinks dressing up as she is in the above picture is not racist because she is not racist— really? a fan,...
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    Oh and the Nazi thing… Shut the fuck up because history. I think dawitchy could get into this wayyy more than I… And has...
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    I’m sorry girl, I didn’t know you were Ariel. Because only she uses eating utensils on her hair. Seriously. That’s just...
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