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Sometimes I experience Aesthetic Attraction to some Asian individuals. I do not desire a romantic or sexual relationship with them, I just think they look nice. Despite the fact that it's not exclusive to Asian people and I experience this with people of different races and gender identities, I feel like I'm fetishizing them because I feel an attraction based on their looks. Can you provide advice to help me stop this?
thisisnotjapan thisisnotjapan Said:

asian is not an aesthetic
determine for yourself whether or not your attraction is based on racist stereotypes or simple physical appreciation that you would have for anybody else

#Japanese Culture

  • 15% innacurate/misleading posts
  • 70% nothing really to do with Japanese culture
  • 10% bitter white expats who want to complain about Japan


  • 50% non-japanese women(mostly white) in some kind of yellowface
  • 15% sexualized/gory/innacurate art 
  • 20% random photos/drawings of east asian women in qipao or hanfu or sometimes hanbok
  • 10% (or more, I blocked most asian porn blogs) racist porn
  • 5% photos of actual geisha


  • about 50% racist porn
  • 40% anime 
  • 10% food or photos of japan or something like that
  • some percentage of “OMG japanese is so WEIRD” posts

#Japanese women/girls

  • racist porn/fetishization

#Japanese men/boys

  • fetishization/objectification/creepshots. It’s not dissimilar to the previous tag.

#Japanese People

  • 30%(?) fetishizing posts
  • 30-40% creepshots
  • 20% posts about Japanese culture, most are inaccurate
  • some percentage of miscellaneous posts


  • 40% things that are not kimono
  • 30% porn
  • 10% actual kimono
  • 10%anime
  • some percentage of racist orientalist fashion bs and white women in kimono

(you are pretty much guaranteed to find porn or anime in any tag that has anything to do with japan)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey, i'm really sorry to bother, but can you help explain Yellowface a bit more? I dont really understand how white paint is yellowface since it isnt yellow but my reading isnt good because i have autism im sorry
thisisnotjapan thisisnotjapan Said:

Yellowface is another example of the racism prevalent in American culture. Yellowface means more than a white person wearing make-up to look Asian. It also describes the systematic bias against hiring real Asians to play Asian roles shown by white producers, directors, and others who control the depiction of Asians in popular culture through casting decisions and the propagation of racist Asian stereotypes and caricatures. 

Racist Asian Stereotypes

When Asian immigrants first arrived in the United States, they were welcomed as cheap labor. But after the California gold rush brought a flood of Asian immigrants to California, the cheap Asian labor began to be seen as a threat. What began as neutral or amusing stereotypical caricatures of Asians soon took on more negative connotations.


The “Coolie” stereotype originated with Chinese laborers in the 1850s as a means of preventing Chinese from entering the skilled trades. The lowest-paying unskilled jobs were called “coolie labor” or “n****r work.”

Yellow Peril
Yellow Peril

The “Yellow Peril” or pollutant stereotype began to take hold in 1890s California. Asians were viewed as alien and a threat to wage-earners, and a movement began that had the goal of making California racially pure.


The “Deviant” stereotype was a response to the movement of Asians from common labor to household servants, laundrymen, and operators of opium dens, and the importation of women for prostitution.

Dragon Lady
Dragon Lady

Asian women have often been portrayed as cunning “Dragon Ladies” — aggressive or opportunistic sexual beings or predatory gold diggers. Non-threatening stereotypes include servile Lotus Blossoms, China dolls, and Geisha girls.


The “Gook” stereotype originated with the US Military during the Korean War as a generic term for Asians, and became more popular during the Vietnam War. A gook is an invisible and powerful enemy with superhuman endurance and ability to absorb punishment.

 Model Minority
Model Minority

The “Model Minority” stereotype originated in the 1950s as a representation of successful assimilation of Asians that was contrasted with the less successful assimilation of Blacks and Hispanics.

Legal Discrimination and Violence Against Asian Immigrants

As a trickle turned into a flood, (between 1850 and 1930, about one million Asians from China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and India came to the United States) a backlash soon developed.

Yellowface on Stage

"Yellowface" portrayals date to at least 1767 in the United States, when Arthur Murphy’s theatrical work The Orphan of China was presented in Philadelphia. 

Yellowface in Film and TV

Whites in Yellowface have a long history on screen, beginning with Mary Pickford’s Cio-Cio San in Madame Butterfly (1915). 

Yellowface Whitewashing

A phenomenon wherein white actors are cast to portray what were originally non-white characters is called “whitewashing.” Instead of using yellow face makeup, the film makers change the race or origin of the characters.

Yellowface in Europe

The most blatant contemporary example of Yellowface in Western European media is a character created by Dutch TV and later adopted by Danish TV called Ushi; a caricature of a Japanese woman, but played by white women. 

Yellowface Caricatures in Politics

In 1997, The National Review magazine published an illustrated cover of then President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, in stereotypical Oriental garb and featuring caricatured features, buck teeth and slanted eyes.

The ‘victim’ approach to the study of white women in the slave formation, therefore, has severe limitations… while white males were the predominant owners of slaves in the plantation sector, the same cannot be said for the urban sector. White women were generally the owners of small properties, rather than large estates, but their small properties were more proportionately stocked with slaves than the large, male owned properties.

In 1815, white women owned about 24 percent of the slaves in St Lucia; 12 per cent of the slaves on properties of more than 50 slaves, and 48 per cent of the properties with less than 10 slaves. In Barbados in 1817, less than five of the holdings of 50 slaves or more were owned by white women, but they owned 40 percent of the properties with less than 10 slaves…

White women also owned more female slaves than male slaves. The extensive female ownership of slaves in the towns was matched by the unusually high proportion of females in the slave population; female slave owners owned more female slaves than male slave owners….

From these data the image that emerges of the white female slaveowner is that she was generally urban, in possession of less than ten slaves, the majority of whom were female. That female slaveowners generally owned female slaves, indicates the nature of enterprises, and hence labour regimes, managed and owned by white women. It is reasonable, then, to argue that any conceptualization of urban slavery, especially with reference to the experiences of enslaved black women, should proceed with an explicit articulation of white women are principal slaveowners.

excerpt from Centering Woman: Gender Discourses in Caribbean Slave Society by Hilary McD Beckles  (via daniellemertina)

White feminists tend to conveniently forget this and pretend that they don’t benefit from white supremacy like white men

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
why do you even bother to respond to hate mail
thisisnotjapan thisisnotjapan Said:

this has been answered in the faq already, but just as a reminder:

Can you stop answering repetitive messages/hatemail? It’s annoying.

No, I’m sorry I’m just not for reading these pieces of shit floating in my inbox and not being able to respond to them. I think if you had ever dealt with this you would understand. To be honest, doing that has generally been meaningful for me even if it isn’t for you. I do not really owe you that.
Still, I tag them as “bullshit asks” and you can block that if you feel the need to.

why do white people want to tell poc what they think will end racism I don’t understand

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I am your butterfly,
I need your protection,
Be my SAMURAi!

thisisnotjapan euthanizeallwhitepeople

we see this and we are not pleased. -chi

but I just ate

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I read that saying you're "sideeyeing" someone is something only asians should say, cause I guess asian-ams coined the term? anyway it made me think, for someone who didn't grow up speaking english, I tend to just pick up on the language by others to learn, but it's hard to know what not to pick up, this of course includes AAVE as well. do you guys have any advice or know of an easy way to keep ones english, I don't know, within boundaries?
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uh I don’t know where you read that but “side eye” is definitely AAVE

a lot of things that are called AAVE were at least partially coined by Asian Americans bc our communities are often physically and culturally adjacent or integrated, especially in centers of language development like the Bay Area or Los Angeles.

Really? I didn’t know that

Asker Anonymous Asks:
To that anon- there is no way to look at the FAQ on mobile. You need to use the website on your phone or laptop browser, since Tumblr doesn't allow us to click links on descriptions in mobile.
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is there a way to look at your faq while on mobile? I can't seem to. I tried searching your tags to answer my question but didn't find what I wanted to know so I was going to try to check your faq next
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There should be a clear link at the top of our page

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I read that saying you're "sideeyeing" someone is something only asians should say, cause I guess asian-ams coined the term? anyway it made me think, for someone who didn't grow up speaking english, I tend to just pick up on the language by others to learn, but it's hard to know what not to pick up, this of course includes AAVE as well. do you guys have any advice or know of an easy way to keep ones english, I don't know, within boundaries?
thisisnotjapan thisisnotjapan Said:

uh I don’t know where you read that but “side eye” is definitely AAVE


People of color can be complicit in furthering white supremacy. People of color can be anti-black as fuck. Horizontal aggression is a thing. Internalized white supremacy and anti-blackness are things.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Maybe I'm wrong. But constantly talking about white people only seems to contribute to their sway over our lives. It all becomes about the white man, the white man, the white man. When I feel in many cases the focus should be on other things. Would be curious to know what you think
thisisnotjapan thisisnotjapan Said:

I kind of agree. It’s important to maintain a balance. While we don’t have the luxury of not talking about white people, because that’s the world we live in and have to navigate (where white people hold most of the power), if we center them in discussions always, we don’t leave enough time to develop our own positive, creative, inter-PoC projects. It’s always a good idea for PoC to make sure we’re not centering the white gaze too much, either positively or critically.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello everyone :) I came across something called "charisma men"-apparently its foreign (mostly white western) men who are "nice guys" who being "rejected" by women back in their own countries go to Japan with idealised views of Japanese women being like anime characters and are apparentlyirresistible to Japanese women. Is this a common thing? Have you or any of your followers experienced these men? thanks!
thisisnotjapan thisisnotjapan Said:

You’re describing 99% of all white male expats in Japan. It’s kind of like asking if cockroaches are common! In short, yes.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is calling Asians "Mongoloids" a racist term (Im Black who"s currently in High School which is dominant of Black and Brown Classmates) our World History AP Teacher (who"s white) keep using the term to describe Asians when giving Eastern Asian History Lessons? Im aiming for a future degree in History and just wanted to be sure if this term is racist or not?
thisisnotjapan thisisnotjapan Said:

Yes, it’s extremely racist and also ableist. Please refer to the Wikipedia entry. That particular entry isn’t a very good one because it was obviously based on an older and more racist encyclopedia entry, but at least it’s updated a little bit, and the outdated-ness is noted at the top.

The word “mongoloid” is connected to far-fetched theories of scientific racism, some of which argued that E and SE Asians were literally descended from orangutangs.

"Mongolian" is an ethnicity and nationality exonym in English, but please don’t ever, ever use "mongoloid", and your history teacher should know that! It’s also derogatory towards people with Down’s Syndrome.