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Filipino activists kick off internationally coordinated protests vs Obama Asia trip

April 23 - On the day United States President Barack Obama is set to arrive in Japan on the first leg of his East Asia tour, activists under the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (New Patriotic Alliance) marched to the US embassy in Manila to denounce what they called the “US imperialist agenda in Asia”. The groups clashed with police who were guarding the US embassy. Police used a water cannon against the protesters.

“The US pivot to Asia combines military rebalancing and free trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. The US seeks to maintain its dominance in the region by violating the national sovereignty and plundering the economies of their  so-called ‘allies’. The people of Asia stand to gain nothing from the Obama visit and the US agenda he carries,” said Bayan secretary general Renato M. Reyes, Jr.

Bayan is coordinating with various anti-bases and anti-globalization groups in Japan, South Korea and the United States for a series of protests against the US pivot and the TPPA. Apart from the April 23 protest in Manila, anti-bases and anti-war groups in Japan such as the Asia-Wide Campaign are set to hold protests in time for the US-Japan Summit on April 24. Groups in South Korea are also expected to hold protests against US military bases in the Korean peninsula and the continued implementation of the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement and the promotion of the TPPA. Bayan-USA will join Japanese and Korean activists in the US for coordinated actions in the afternoon of April 25 in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and San Francisco. Filipino migrants are expected to hold protest actions on April 27.

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You guys had an anon yesterday asking about Angela Aki, and I'm not sure if they checked the replies, so I wanted to send in an ask saying anon should come talk to me about Angie because she's my favourite musician and I play a lot of her music~ It's rare for me to find one of her fans so I wanted to make sure I reached out.
I'm a white woman living in Japan with my husband and his family. Our children have access to a wonderful range of Japanese language children's books but almost all the English language titles friends and my family have sent from the USA are so focused on white little boys that it breaks my heart. My oldest son has gotten old enough to start asking why there are only white people, not people like him, are in the those few books... (con'd)

(Con’d)I would like to expand what we have with positive images of PoC instead of letting those books we own harm him any more. My question to you (and maybe your followers could help out too!), is do you know of any good picture books or children’s books in English that represent Japanese / Japanese diaspora positively and accurately?


Maybe other followers can chime in here, and I would also suggest the Asian-American section of this booklist: http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/article/how-choose-best-multicultural-books

You all are wonderful. I'm in a Japanese Political Science class rn and the professor is white. (I am too but do white people know Japan-no) This guy mentions how Japanese wives are better than American wives everyday. Please keep calling ppl out~<3

They usually change their tune after the divorce.

What's really gross+awful to me is the fact that this all just reflects where the money goes in the Hollywood machine, rather than any kind of sensitivity. Minnesota Yoga Instructor Turned Eardrum Destroyer Katy Perry is nearer to the top of the pop hierarchy so her shitty racist videos get tons of thoughtful think pieces, press ppl pretending to have a dialogue about why her shit is subversive. Meanwhile Avril is outdated and small time -- so she gets her shitty racist video pulled immediately.

This is true also. But I think the main reason it got pulled was Hello Kitty copyright.

Hi! In the past few years I have fallen in love with Korea and have been trying to learn as much about Korea as I can. I was just wondering if there is a Korean blog like this one? I've looked and haven't seen one, but have you guys heard of one?




Idk how to feel abt this
-admin J


Anon, please read through there very very very carefully and don’t ask pointless or insulting questions.

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Thank you for all your informative posts on fetishization (and 'yellow fever'). I've always really struggled to pinpoint why I find dating hard, and I'm realising now that most of the people I've been on dates with seemed 'off' because they were more interested than me being Japanese than in me as a person. So thanks, I was worried that I was just being some horribly picky person. Do you know of any more early warning signs of this kind of fetishizing behaviour?

I think http://fucknofetishization.tumblr.com/ is a good resource, and they also posted a list of warning signs that we might have reblogged here. Does anyone have a specific link to that? Thanks!

About that fanfiction question, I personally wouldn't use them but certain words like honorifics don't have an exact translation into English and if it happens to be a very important aspect of the story I don't think it's very weird to use them

Nothing has an exact translation in any language. 

People are free to translate honorifics or not, but if I see them in English, I stop taking whatever it is seriously and don’t read it. But then, I don’t really read much manga and definitely not any Japanese-related fanfiction.

Hi! In the past few years I have fallen in love with Korea and have been trying to learn as much about Korea as I can. I was just wondering if there is a Korean blog like this one? I've looked and haven't seen one, but have you guys heard of one?


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So there's a part on Eleanor and Park (I hope you know what I'm talking about :$) where Park says that Eleanor's features/hair are (and I quote) 'exotic'. 1) would an asian person ever say this in a normal serious situation? 2) if yes, is it totally ok for it to happen? (note: I know E&P is garbage when it come to anything to do with POC but I'm really curious now! and sorry for my English :/)

I think all Asian-Americans tend to be sensitive about the word “exotic” and generally only use it ironically or with a lot of thought. As for Asians, it would depend on their degree of English fluency and background. And yes, E&P is trash.

Hello, I have a little question uwu I've been told that eating sushi is culture appropriation? Is that true? Im sorry if im being really ignorant :(


To the Arabian reader who is nervous about Japan trip. I am Bengali (Southeast Asian), definitely do not pass for white (lol), I grew up in both Tokyo and smaller city. People in Japan are far more friendly than you think. Sure they might be a bit curious and ask you where you are from etc but people do that in US too. I was there from 6yo to 13yo and every time I moved within the country I experienced the curiosity thing but never terrible. Don't be nervous, you will be fine :)
Is it true Japanese women (living there too) are considerably happier? Because I am an American person arguing with an American white male (lol surprise) and he is claiming happiness of Japanese women may be linked to Japan being more embracing of masculinity/patriarchal attitudes. Idk how to rebuttal & don't want to speak for Japanese women /: any opinions or thoughts? I was simply going to say I wish not to speak for Japanese women since our original argument was more US-centered. Thank you.

He sounds like a weeaboo MRA. You could send him over to Manboobz.com, I think they’ve posted a fair amount of stuff there about the whole “white American women are spoiled by feminism so you need to get an Asian woman who will be properly subservient” line of thinking. 

im super sorry if this was already asked, but how do you guys feel about non-japanese fictionkin going by japanese (nick) names? (if you have already answered a question like this could you please post a link?) thank you!!


I don't know how to explain this, but you know those blogs/bloggers that are obsessed with Japanese culture? Would the blog owners be appropriating Japanese culture? To me it seems like it is, but everyone seems to disagree with me

Sounds like they’re weeaboos. Taking weeaboos seriously will only give you a headache.