[TW: harassment, threats, stalking, violence, slurs, racism]

So, someone decided to post this submission with a link to medievalpoc to a subreddit called “Tumblr In Action” this morning.

I’ve posted about this before.

Let’s stop pretending we have no idea where this comes from:




And can we stop pretending as if these supposed “rules” actually mean anything, or are ever actually enforced:


Medievalpoc has received tens of thousands of hits from this particular subreddit from more than 60 separate threads, some of which have hundreds of derogatory comments, using slurs, threats, and racist ‘jokes’.


And it is somehow a “coincidence” that I have had to speak to police four times and make official reports due to threats, stalking, harassment, and other nastiness? That people have followed me around in person without my knowledge or consent because of this? People have circumvented the “ignore” function by creating accounts just to send racial slurs and threats.

The rest of this is going under a cut, because it is truly horrific. Please proceed with caution.

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Black tumblr we gotta look out for one another, we’re all we got. I enjoy reading
blog for my own personal leisure and this is sickening -M

(It’s a little different because I turned off analytics for about a month)

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racism has nothing to do with ‘systematic oppression’

it’s literally being one race and hating another. That’s it. 

Stop saying reverse racism doesn’t exist. 

But let me take you to back to the root words.

Racism is Race + Power. Racism is RACE + ISM.

Now lets put those two things together.

Race: is a classification system used to categorize humans into large and distinct populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic,geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation.

Ism: a distinctive doctrine, theory, system, or practice

Now let’s put them together. by definition race is a classification SYSTEM and now we add ”ism”, which means that RACISM is a practice, system, theory or doctrine of that classification SYSTEM.

Someone being mean to you is not racism, that is prejudice. Learn the difference, boo


Because I'm black, I shouldn't vote for Republicans? I should never hold conservative and occasionally libertarian values? I always have to be the pet of Democrats and liberals?

You can vote for whoever you feel like. While democrats, liberals, and republicans all seem to have very fucked up politics, and personally I don’t identify with any of them, republicans in my experience have always displayed the most amount of bigotry and hatred for women, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQIA, poor people, or any marginalized group- as well as the least amount of respect for the environment or indigenous people’s rights. 

But, when it comes to american politics (unless there are a lot of changes) any of these parties that have any power or say in politics will continue to do what built this country- exploitation. 

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Hey this wasn't on the FAQ so I decided to ask is white privilege solely in the west? There was a white girl on here saying she doesn't benefit from white privilege because she lives in Japan and I don't know if she's right or not. She's not very educated on what privilege is (She believes she doesn't have privilege being heterosexual or cisgender) so I really don't want to take her word for it. If you could help me out I'd be very grateful.

You can look at the white privilege in japan tag

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wow this is like such a small question in comparison to some i just read on your page BUT what do you think about white girls cosplaying sailor moon characters?

I don’t personally mind when I see white people cosplaying as asian characters, but I’m not really into cosplay, and maybe other asian people feel differently.

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Lots of people register Republican (or for other parties) for certain reasons that are personal to themselves. It doesn't mean they don't vote across and it's NEVER an indicator of someone's inherent beliefs. MANY Polynesians feel huge pressure to register Republican because of the subsequent puritanical colonization forced on us. It is outright OFFENSIVE to use that as a reason to write off everything he has achieved and may accomplish without actual evidence he supports those ideals.
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idk if y'all have gotten asks about this, you probably have: the rock isn't republican. his only ties to the GOP are that he went to the RNC one year, but then went to the DNC the same year, and voted democrat... he's not a republican. tumblr very poorly researches things, and publishes half-truths wrt celeb stuff, and it's hard to say "oh yeah, i'm gonna fact check every single thing" but yeah this one isn't true

From what I read about him(outside of tumblr) he’s registered as republican though

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As much as The Rock does talk about racism and his experiences with it, I'm still so disenchanted knowing he's a Republican. I guess at the end of the day, saving money when your making millions is what matters most.

I’d still go see the Hercules movie, but yes you’re right, he’s a Republican so I really can’t cheer The Rock on. Of course Robert Downey Jr. is a Republican too, and that doesn’t seem to stop Tumblr from… well, anything.

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» The World is Not Your Fucking Oyster


  • Other people’s cultures do not exist for white people to seek their spiritual enlightenment
  • No one owes you an education, and initiation, or a history lesson simply because ‘you want’
  • No one has to include you in things because ‘you want’
  • No one has to hold their tongue, sweeten their words, or chop up sentences to make white people feel better about history- colonization, slavery, genocide, ect.
  • No one should be ‘grateful’ to you for your interest in said culture
I'm Japanese-American and work in a Japanese market. How do i respond to really ignorant customers who spew hellos in every Asian language to my face and then ask did I get any of them right?

You could spit on them, or, if you are concerned about being fired you could just ask them questions like “why did you say that to me/what are you doing” idk just make them feel uncomfortable without them being able to say you were doing it on purpose. 

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Ok, I'm not that good at explaining things but I'll try my best. Recently a girl who I am friends with on Facebook went to Japan for her summer vacation. She posted a lot of pictures on her page but one caught my eye rather quickly. It was a picture of her Making a duck face infront of a forest area with the description "went by the Aokigahara suicide forest! OoO spooky!" Should I call her out for this? My mom says I can't because I'm not Japanese, but I am a person who delt with suicide.

I don’t know if that were my friend I would say “what the fuck is wrong with you that you can you take this so lightly, especially when it’s STILL a problem? Why am I friends with someone that would make a stupid joke about this? What is funny at all about this situation? Do you not know where you are? ‘Ooospooky’~ really????”

I would not take it well but that’s me. You could just send them a private message or ask them about it in person if you want. 

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We are in the midst of the worst Ebola epidemic ever recorded in Africa but the true disaster here is whether someone uses the phrase "asian women" or wears a kimono without your express permission. Fuck off.

just… what kind of logic is this

(btw it’s Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, and Nigeria. Be specific. Africa has 53 countries.) 

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As a queer poc whose studying psychology and whose partner has DID, I would like to note that the entire idea of someone saying "it's not my fault my alter identifies this way" seems very sketchy. First of all b/c of the stigma that DID isn't real, even having someone freely volunteer that info is rare. And even if we take that part at face value, for an alter to just "be" a character doesn't make much sense. Identifying strongly/Mirroring is one thing but the way the original ask was set up 1/2

2/2 it seems more like they just want to avoid responsibility than anything. And even if a person really does have an alter like that, it doesn’t mean that the conversation of how it is problematic shouldn’t take place. People with DID are still PEOPLE. And just like anyone else they’ll have problematic behavior. And while I do believe that the fact that they have DID should be taken into context, you should NEVER let that flat out excuse someone from any and all responsibility.

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”i LOVE asian women, but i also respect them” 

from the time you grouped them together as one big monolith, you made it pretty clear you didn’t respect them at all tbh

ok look i am fictionkin and im a poc and fictives do not fucking believe that we are LITERALLY the characters reincarnated, it's a fucking coping device for people like me with bpd because we do this cool thing called mirroring where we have little to no sense of our actual selves so we latch on to people or characters. you are so fucking ableist and it doesn't matter if you're neurodivergent, you can still be ableist against people with heavily stigmatized disorders/illnesses, and you are!!

Okay, well like I said, I don’t have a reference for this, but I will take your word for it. I’m sorry about what we said especially if it invalidated your experience as somebody struggling with bpd, clearly I don’t know that much about this. 

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