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When did Martin Luther King get transformed from a revolutionary civil rights leader that the FBI feared into a teddy bear that only says “I Have A Dream” when you pull the string?
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'If it has something to do with you commiting cultural appropriation/racism/etc, write and submit/post an essay on what you did wrong, what cultural appropriation and white privilege is and how it effects PoC/minorities.' Has anyone ever done that?
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once, yes. It was pretty well written. 

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You do realize that being of Asian background is considered white. "Caucasian".
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hi when i type “chinese women” in the search bar i’d like to see chinese women solidarity and not racial fetishization in porn.

do people not understand this or are people deliberately choosing continue hurting woc:

racial fetishization is an act of violence. it forcefully subjugates woc and objectifies their bodies as sex objects. 

this all day

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I guess Orientalism is coming back.

“Chinese Whispers” will primarily examine how eastward-looking Westerners have understood, misunderstood, and appropriated Chinese culture in an exchange that Bolton likens to a complicated game of telephone (which the British call “Chinese whispers”)

This is a v. bad idea.

Apparently it will have a display from from CD John Galliano’s spring 2003 Christian Dior couture show as the focus of this exhibit is Chinese opera.

You know this piece of fucking work.Highlights include:

… white people, man.

Katy Perry is going to come in full yellow face. I can feel it. I CAN FEEL IT.

They’re just being racist on purpose at this point.

You telling me you couldn’t find any Chinese fashion designers to feature in this hodgepodge smorgasbord of racism and cultural appropriation?

So many great Chinese designers with lines echoing periods of fashion in Chinese history.

So many Chinese actors and models that probably have more of a bead on this than the whiteout cast they’ve picked.

Why do white people do this shit. 

wait so they’re like “hey let’s look at orientalism, that seems cool” without like fucking POINTING OUT WHAT’S FUCKED UP ABOUT ORIENTALISM?


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Why caucasian doesnt mean white?Dont they come from the caucas mountains?
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No, white people don’t come from the Caucasus mountain region. This is a weird fiction invented about two hundred years ago. “White” is a scientifically-arbitrary umbrella racial grouping that came into existence around the sixteenth century. People who live in the Caucasus region are of several different ethnicities and many of those ethnicities aren’t even perceived as white in Europe.

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Hello, yesterday my high school had club rush, where students can sign up for clubs. I noticed that there's a new club that goes by the name of "Otaku club". I don't know too much about the club, but I know that the term "otaku" has a negative connotation in Japan, but people seem to be ignorant of that here in the U.S, and I feel like it's highly inappropriate to use that term. What should I do? Thanks.
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Note everyone that signs up and avoid them like the plague they are.

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I just came back from hiatus and -- do you (or do you know anyone) knows what happened to this-is-not-native?
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I recall from last year that this-is-not-native mentioned they had to move on because they’d done it for a while and it was getting too stressful having to deal so intimately with appropriation every day. If anyone else knows anything, please mention.

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Is it bad for me as a mixed Japanese/white person to wish I looked more Japanese? I feel like a horrible weeaboo for thinking like this..
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I’d read blogs like because this isn’t an uncommon feeling among mixed race people, Japanese and white or not. If you’re constantly made to feel like you’re different because you’re “in the middle” and “partial”, then a typical emotional reaction is to try to reduce that difference in the hopes of achieving psychic wholeness. This reaction isn’t always healthy, sometimes it hurts way more than it helps, but don’t blame yourself for having it, please.

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What's your stance on the comfort women statue in Glendale everyone is arguing about? I'm a 2nd gen feminist, so I don't hesitate in supporting the erection of the statue. My dad tries to be objective, but I can tell he's uncomfortable. He's insistent that the numbers of victims have changed and that it wasn't just JPN soldiers but Americans too, and that because of other variables furthering the tensions between japan and korea, that he doesn't see the need for it.
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I definitely support the statue and I’m pretty sure the other mods do too. One issue here is that it really isn’t of central importance what Japanese-Americans think, because this is a Korean issue (and also a feminist issue). We should be standing in solidarity on this.

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why is jun no longer on the blog?
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He is, he just hasn’t posted in a little while. I think he’s busy right now.

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do you guys have white friends
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idk about the other mods, but not really.

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Also yes Eri your are Morpheus and Solace is like Neo (sorry for the dual ask this is my last one) thanks you and bye!
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what about jun and aki?? tbh I think solace would make a better morpheus since I have 0 patience for anything


Members of the Asian American community at UC Davis are taking a stand in solidarity with the people of Ferguson and their continued struggle for survival in the face of police brutality. All black lives matter.

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Eri,Solace as a Black POC (dont take this the wrong way) I hate you but at the same time I respect you all,this is like the movie "The Matrix" you gave me choice making of taking the red pill or blue pill and obviously I took the "blue pill",I,,,dont know what to say about learning the truth about this society,Part of me hates you for getting me out the dream but part of other me respects you for pulling me out,Im still dealing with the effects,,,its hard honestly but thanks
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Emotionally at the beginning it’s very shocking and painful but ultimately over time, it’s a lot more beneficial to be aware. Make sure to take care of yourself as best as you can.
Also are you calling us Morpheus?